Lance Whatley

Founder/CEO, Moontography LLC · Atlanta, GA ·

Hi, I'm Lance, a software developer who loves to learn and explore new things. Having previously worked as a technical account manager, technical coordinator, and implementation consultant, I try to use the knowledge and skills I've attained through customer facing interactions to build powerful yet easy-to-use software and systems.

I currently spend 40-50 hours/week building and maintaining the systems and architecture of the ok.let's.go., or project, a blockchain & cryptocurrency business building decentralized applications (or dapps) and solutions for everyone to use on top of blockchain technology. Other than that, I spend the remainder of my time with my wife, new baby boy, and 2 cats in Atlanta, GA fiddling with technology and new ideas.


  • Scala
  • Apache Hadoop & Spark
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch



Create face morphing GIFs from pictures of faces you provide.

Show me!


Build beautiful mosaics with your personal and/or social media photos super easily.


Open-source, lightweight, and hackable single pane of glass cloud object explorer & git server.

You're kidding...


Plot/chart data fetched in real time from HTTP endpoints of your choice in your terminal.

I want to see!


Uses machine learning to find faces in an image and replace them with an image of your choice.



A tiny, lightweight API to report geolocation data from IP addresses.

Let me see!


Express.js middleware to delay request responses based on logic you provide.

That sounds cool!


A simple REST-like API to generate simple dynamic charts.



Small go package to calculate true odds of a bet (single game or parlay) or calculate arbitrage returns.

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Sports Schedules & Scores

A small website that provides a macro single-pane-of-glass view of sports their teams' schedules and previous scores.

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txr (transfer)

A CLI utility that makes it painless and extremely easy to move files or directories from one machine to another compared to other utilities.

No way! Take me


A CLI password manager that uses AES256 bit encryption to store information on your machine. No cloud services needed since this uses your file system to store the encrypted data.



A powerful platform to build websites, dashboards, wikis, blogs, etc. that is easy to setup & hackable to customize as you need. We use this platform for an internal wiki at UserIQ and have build some incredible infrastructure dashboards.


Online Image Processor

A web app where you can perform quick and simple image processing functions on images and then reference the generated URL in your web applications <img /> tags.


A fork of Angular UI's ui-uploader that removes the AngularJS dependency so you can use it with Vanilla JS or other libraries/frameworks.